Book Review: Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young

Book Review: Asking for Trouble by Elizabeth Young

Format: paperback

First Published: 2001

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit

Synopsis (from Goodreads)At thirty, Sophy is unmarried, and aside from her mother’s near-constant hectoring, in no hurry to march down the aisle. To quiet the maternal angst, Sophy invents a boyfriend named Dominic and all is well—that is, until her sister’s wedding when she must produce the real thing. At the eleventh hour and in utter desperation, Sophy contacts an escort service. Attending the wedding with “Dominic,” Sophy quickly realizes that there is no such thing as one little lie…and the fabrications escalate. When the bubbles from the wedding champagne evaporate, she discovers that she likes her escort as more than a convenient arm decoration. What to do? Turn lies into sighs…and a happily ever after.

I throughly enjoyed this book. Sophy is a thirty year old woman living in London and is a little too concerned with her mother’s opinions on her love life. To put her mother at ease Sophy invents the perfect boyfriend – successful, handsome and completely devoted to Sophy. The trouble comes when Sophy’s mother keeps insisting she meet him and Sophy can only put the meeting of the parents off for so long.

Sophy’s solution? Hiring an escort for the weekend of her sister’s wedding. But problems keep popping up and Sophy’s lying can only go so far.

I liked the character of Sophy. She doesn’t have it all together and that’s where a lot of the humour comes into play. The love interest, Josh, seemed to be a glutton for punishment but in these stories the main male character is only there to look nice and put up with the female’s crazy – which he does admirably.

I had a bit of a problem because I kept comparing this book to the movie The Wedding Date. The main premise is the same but the two share little in common. I think I’d have enjoyed the story more had I not known that the film was based on this novel.


4 out of 5

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