Book Review: It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Book Review: It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Chicago Stars #1)

Format: paperback

First Published: August 4th, 1994

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Synopsis (from Goodreads)The Windy City isn’t quite ready for Phoebe Somerville — the outrageous, curvaceous New York knock out who has just inherited the Chicago Stars football team. And Phoebe is definitely not prepared for the Stars’ head coach Dan Calebow, a sexist jock taskmaster with a one-track mind. Celebow is everything Phoebe abhors. And the sexy new boss is everything Dan despises – a meddling bimbo who doesn’t know a pigskin from a pitcher’s mound.
So why is he drawn to the shameless sexpot like a heat-seeking missile? And why does the coach’s good ol’ boy charm leave cosmopolitan Phoebe feeling awkward, tongue-tied…and ready to fight?


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Susan Elizabeth Phillip’s novels and I was a little disappointed. I loved the writing style – fun, flirty and extremely entertaining. My problem was with Coach Dan. He was overbearing and obnoxious. I couldn’t believe how much of an arse he was to Phoebe.

There was an incident involving mistaken identity, Dan, Phoebe and Dan’s ex-wife about half way into the novel. And I just couldn’t get over how Dan handled the aftermath. I’m sorry but if you scare a woman that much – you don’t make her a grilled cheese sandwich and try to seduce her right there in the kitchen. But apparently that’s a move from Dan’s seduction playbook. No wonder why he hadn’t found the perfect little baby maker and had his 2.4 kids yet.

I liked the interactions between Phoebe and her half-sister, Molly. I hope that Molly makes some more appearances in the rest of the series. She’s at that awkward adolescent stage that I can reminisce and relate to – being fairly awkward myself growing up.

I felt like there was a part of the story that was a little redundant – the part revolving the ex-player’s father. The climax and resolution could have still been just as dramatic without him. It wasn’t necessary. That could have been achieved using Phoebe’s cousin, Reed. It just felt a little erroneous.

I will be reading another Phillip’s story. I just hope all her leading males aren’t as hard to bare as Coach Dan.


2.5 out of 5

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