I have few pet hates but one thing I can’t stand is when people dog ear or break the spine on books. Bookmarks can be found anywhere and everywhere!

From shopping receipts to stray pieces of paper to leaves to chocolate wrappers – bookmarks can be made out of anything.

Here is a quick little tutorial to show how to make the corner bookmarks that I’ve been favouring of late.


Folded Corner Bookmark Tutorial:

Step 1: Find yourself a piece of paper or foil to use as your bookmark. I used a chocolate wrapper. I cleaned it just to make sure no chocolate residue found it’s way onto my books after I started using it.


If your material isn’t square, cut it so it is. The size of the square I used was approximately 2 1/2 inches (about 7.5 cm) per side.


Step 2: Fold your square so it forms a triangle with the side you want to see most often on the outside.



Step 3: Bring the left corner to the top.


Step 4: Do the same with the right corner


Step 5: Unfold the folds you just made in the previous two steps.


Step 6: Fold down the front until the tip is aligned with the bottom fold. The sides for the newest fold should match up with the fold lines made in steps 3 and 4.


Step 7: Fold the left bottom corner back to the top just like in step 3.


Step 8: Fold the tip under the fold made in step 6


Step 9: Do the same for the right side.


Step 10: Ta-dah! Bookmark completed. All that’s left to do is to put it in your book.


Look how nicely it marks my page in Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet



You can make this kind of bookmark out of nearly anything. Recycling wrappers makes me feel better about eating chocolate 😛



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