Book Review: Got Game? by Stephanie Doyle

Book Review: Got Game? by Stephanie Doyle

Format: ebook

First Published: December 11, 2011

Source: an ARC provided by netgalley

Genre: Sports romance, contemporary romance

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Oh Yeah, Game On! The world of professional golf is rocked when the new ranking system allows Reilly Carr – the country’s best female player – to compete with the big boys. Now everyone wants to know if she will or won’t play in golf’s premier event…The American.

But her tough choices are complicated further when Luke Nolan – her on again, off again lover – suddenly decides now is the time to turn their friends-with-benefits set up into a real relationship!

If she’s going to make the cut she’ll need to battle her game, the press and most of all her heart. The stakes have never been higher


Reilly Carr is one of the most successful female golfers in history. But lately winning hasn’t felt as good as it used to and Reilly has been slighly discontented. After returning home to Nebraska to visit her grandparents and to recharge before her next tournament, the news breaks that due to a change in the ranking system Reilly has a chance to play on one of golf’s most sacred grounds and take part in the golfing event of the year – The American.

I’m not a very sporty person but I do love reading sports romances. And this one was no exception. Reilly Carr is competitive and good at what she does. But she’s also romantically challenged and has two divorces and a third broken engagement to prove it. Luke Nolan, two-time winner of The American is just as flawed when it comes to marriage – his third divorce just finalized. But together they work. I loved the chemistry between them and the fact that both acknowledge that the other isn’t perfect.

The supporting cast are another highlight of this novel. Kenny, Reilly’s caddy and brother, has his own romantic sub-plot that adds to the novel’s romance. I loved that in many ways Kenny and Reilly’s romantic lives paraellel each other. Despite Kenny being a bit of a playboy and Reilly being extremely good at committing (it’s just staying married she has a problem with), the Carr siblings are a lot alike. The sibling squabbles on the green amused me greatly – no matter how old you may be, there are times when a little petty sibling argument is justified.

There was a lot going on in this novel – the romantic relationships, the golf and the stalker storyline – but Stephanie Doyle managed to tie them altogether nicely. The golf aspect was not overwhelming to a non-golf fan but instead was written in such a way that it just added to the drama and story without being too much. I was enthralled by the sport angle which surprised me greatly. I really enjoyed this novel. I’ll definitely be looking out for novels by Stephanie Doyle in the future.


4.5 out of 5

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