Rating Guide

Rating System:

5 – Genius. Positively loved and adored. Hooked.

4 – Excellent. Not perfect but pretty close. Page turner.

3 – Good. Pleasant and enjoyable.

2 – Mediocre. Not great but not terrible. Very uninspiring

1 – Terrible. A struggle to complete and unenjoyable overall.

This is a rather personal scale that reflects my feelings immediately after completing a book.


Sensuality Rating System:

For romance books, I’ve decided to include a rating that helps indicate just how steamy the book gets in terms of how graphic the sensual scenes can get.

Kisses: Kisses only. There may be moderate sexual tension, but it is never described in specific terms. May or may not include lovemaking. No explicit sex.

Subtle: No explicit sensuality. Sex is described in general terms and the emphasis will likely be more on the emotions of the characters rather than physical sensation.

Warm: Moderately explicit sensuality. Sex is described, but often with the use of euphemisms.

Hot: Very explicit sensuality. Sex is described in graphic terms.

Burning: Extremely explicit sensuality. Books in this category are generally considered erotica and will feature the graphic depiction of sex as a main focus of the book. These sexual acts may include those outside the sexual mainstream.

(Sensuality scale adapted from the one found on All About Romance Novels)

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