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Book Review: Midnight Remedy by Eve Gaddy

Book Review: Midnight Remedy by Eve Gaddy

Format: ebook

Published: February 2012 (first published March 31st 1997)

Source: an ARC provided by NetGalley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sensuality Rating: Hot!

Synopsis (from Goodreads)BELIEVE IN SECOND CHANCES . . .

Piper Stevenson’s mysterious “potion” cured one of his patients. Dr. Eric Chambers is determined to unravel the secret of her painful past. Can they heal each other’s hearts?


Dr. Eric Chambers is on a mission. A mission to find the herbalist who has been treating his patients behind his back. But when he arrives at a farm in the middle of nowhere – Single mother Piper Stevenson is not quite what he has expected. There’s sexual tension between the two from the get-go but both are slightly damaged from their pasts and suspicious of relationships. Piper especially has some history with doctors and everyone in town knows it. In addition to wanting to berate the herbalist, Eric wants the secret formula to what she gave his patient – it could be the cure to mail infertility that would rival Viagra – but Piper won’t give it to him. Firstly she hasn’t given his patient anything. All she has done is given some skin lotion to the patient’s wife. And secondly, she can’t risk the media attention that a discovery like this could bring. She needs to protect her six year old son, Cole.

This is a sweet story that is a light hearted read – just what I needed in between some rather heavy novels I’ve been reading lately. It’s romantic and has a happy ending. The only thing is… I had some issues with Dr. Eric. He’s incredibly rude to Piper at the start. And whilst he does change as the novel goes on, I found myself holding a grudge against him.

But Piper was delightful and I enjoyed her son and grandfather’s antics. I’d recommend this one for anyone that enjoys quick reads that are interesting and have plenty of hot moments.


3 out of 5

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